The Niagara County Workforce Development Board (WDB) sets policy for the local workforce development system, serving the universal population of both job seekers and business. The WDB is directly responsible to determine how to best use local WIA funds. Funds can be used to provide services to individuals seeking employment through linkages to job openings, services, and training programs.

  • conducts oversight with respect to local employment and training activities, the one-stop delivery system in the local area, and local programs of youth activities, in partnership with the chief elected official
  • negotiates local performance measures
  • certifies the one-stop operator and conducts oversight
  • coordinates the workforce investment activities with economic development strategies
  • identifies providers of training and labor market services
  • awards contracts to certified service providers
  • develops a local plan
  • promotes private sector employer participation in all workforce activities

The goal of the Workforce Development System is to increase the employment, retention and earnings of participants, and increase occupational skill attainment by participants, and, as a result improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation.

WDB By-Laws Niagara 2017.pdf

The Mission of the Niagara County Workforce Development System is to provide a universally accessible workforce development system that serves our job seeking customers and our business customers effectively and efficiently.